SssooOooO here’s the deal. i start my new job tomorrow. between both of my jobs i will be working close to over time. i can’t take care of two blogs and i can’t commit every day to working out, which doesn’t do much to help inspire you guys. i’m still going to be eating clean and going for walks nd doing strength when i can, but i just won’t have the time and energy to do any more than that. :( i’m sad! but i’m also really happy. through a ton of realizations lately.. my motivations are changing. i’m not as concerned bout looking skinny or with number on the scale. i’m concerned about changing myself. about not “needing” so many material objects. about changing my attitude and outlook to something more beautiful. about seeing more good than bad. about literally being the change i want to see around me.

besides all of that, i’m gonna leave this blog up for a little bit because if you guys want to follow my personal, i would love to have you there ^_^

already killing my gym membership. this is lame.

20 Healthy Reminders

  1. Drink water & tea
  2. Go outside
  3. Do the research
  4. You are what you eat
  5. Sleep earlier, wake up earlier
  6. Set reasonable goals
  7. “A little sweat never hurt nobody”
  8. Turn off your computer
  9. Practice caution
  10. Do it now
  11. Mistakes are OK
  12. Laughing burns calories
  13. So does sex
  14. No more excuses
  15. Beauty is a choice
  16. Say “NO”
  17. Wear sunblock
  18. Know your limits
  19. Know its worth
  20. You have control

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